Dodgen Dance PICKUP

·  We recommend lining up at 5:45

·  Please be patient and courteous to our school and volunteer staff and other drivers, and please follow the car line procedures.  It typically takes 15-20 minutes to complete the carpool procedure.  

·  Please do not come late. We plan to move the cars quickly through the carpool lane. 

·  Students may not walk home without an adult escort. 

·  Does your student need to leave early before 6:00 pm?  They should bring a note to school on the day of the dance from a parent, including the time they are to leave, to the front office (like they were checking out of school early).   Students who have a note to leave early must be picked up in the back of the school, by the bus portal, at the time indicated on the note. 


Car-line MAP AND Procedure

  1. Enter by the front of the school (by the Dodgen sign).  Exit from the back of the school (bus entrance). 

  2. Traffic will be one-way. Exiting traffic will divide into two lanes:

  3. the left lane will be left turn only, onto Bill Murdock Road

  4. the right lane will be right turn only, onto Bill Murdock Road.

  5. Students will not be allowed to walk home from the dance without an adult escort.

  6. All walkers will need to wait in the back until traffic is sufficiently clear for pedestrian traffic.

  7. This will probably be around 6:20 pm