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Solar Eclipse Message 8-11-2017


Welcome Letter 2017-2018








Solar Eclipse

Dodgen Community - 


We are excited about the upcoming Eclipse Day, Monday, August 21st which will be a late dismissal day. Please refer to the CCSD Press Release for specific information regarding dismissal. A signed CCSD permission form (sent home on Friday, 8/11)  must be turned in for each student to be able to view the eclipse outside. Safety glasses have been ordered for all students and staff. Students inside will watch the NASA broadcast. We are looking forward to all of the learning and discovery that surrounds this event!


On August 9, all principals received a new parent permission form from CCSD for Eclipse Day, which needs to be completed for every student who plans to view the eclipse outdoors. This form needs to be completed regardless of a student completing and returning the parent permission form previously sent home. The new form was sent home with students on 8/11. We will also have copies available at all of our Open House nights.




Welcome Letter 2017-2018

Dodgen Community,
I hope you are enjoying the summer, and it has been one filled with both fun and relaxation! Our focus on creating opportunities for students to grow academically, emotionally, socially, cognitively, in fine arts, and in service and leadership has resulted in phenomenal results.   Last year, we also embarked on a STEAM journey, visited other STEM Certified CCSD schools and determined how we can best give our students the skills necessary to be successful at our feeder schools.
Dodgen received a 2016 CCRPI (College and Career Readiness Index) score of 99.6 (increased from 98.4) and another 5 Star Climate Rating. We are the #1 Middle School in Cobb County, committed to offering opportunities for academic excellence. Our rich tradition of excellence is a true reflection of the efforts of the entire Dodgen community. Our dedicated staff challenges our amazing students each and every day, and the continuous efforts of our PTSA, Foundation, School Council, Business Partners, and parents are the reason that our students excel in every area.
I am eager for the 2017-2018 school year to start as we have exciting plans and STEAM initiatives for this year. Our campus has been very busy this summer with the installation of a new roof. We have had some obstacles to overcome, but we are very excited to begin the school year with a safe and clean building for our students and staff.
After receiving input from all stakeholders and analyzing data of the effectiveness of our rotated schedule last year, our SSP team collaboratively decided upon two schedules for the 2017-18 school year. During the first two 9 Week Periods, our 8th grade will have connections in the morning, followed by 7th grade. In January, for the remainder of the school year, 7th grade will have connections in the morning, followed by 8th grade. Our 6th grade will have connections at the end of the day all year. We feel that this will allow our 6th grade to have a smooth transition to middle school and allow for heightened consistency following the same schedule. We will continue to receive feedback throughout the year to determine the effectiveness of this schedule.
Due to the construction, Dodgen 101 has been scheduled for Saturday, August 5th from 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM for our 6th grade Students and Parents. Dodgen 101 is a PTSA initiative focused on increasing family engagement and helping our students (and parents) with the transition and all that encompasses middle school. This program resulted in a much smoother transition last year for our rising 6th graders and those students new to Dodgen, and we are excited to offer it once again. We believe knowledge is power, and learning the most about life as a middle schooler in advance eases the stress of the transition to middle school. If you haven’t checked out our videos and pdf manual on our website under the PTSA tab, I invite you to do so. You will find videos related to dismissal, navigating the cafeteria, all about lockers, how to check in early, etc. We hope you can join us for a short presentation in the theater with a self-guided tour throughout the building where staff members and students will be positioned at various stations to give information and answer questions.
Again, I am excited about this school year. I look forward to seeing you and your children in a few days!

Dr. Loralee Hill


 Thirteen Reasons Letter, Spring 2017

Dodgen Parents,  

I want to bring to your attention information shared with us from Cobb County School District’s Prevention Intervention Department and their recommendation to share with our staff and parents solely to raise awareness:  

There are many movies, books, TV shows and music that capture social emotional trends among our youth.  One such show is the new Thirteen Reasons on Netflix.  You may have heard students talking about it already. The show is based on a best-selling young adult novel originally published in 2007.  The show follows a high school student who completes suicide and each episode deals with one of the thirteen reasons she makes the decision to take her life.  The show contains some very graphic scenes, including rape scenes and the girl actually committing suicide. The series is produced by Selena Gomez and rated MA for mature audiences. The show brings up several important adolescent social and emotional issues that impact young people today.

We encourage our staff and parents to be especially attentive to any student who may be impacted by the show. Also listen for any students who are talking about suicide or making statements such as “you are the 5th reason I am thinking about hurting myself.”

The district will also send some information to our parents to encourage them to be aware of this new series and be prepared to talk with their student if they are engaged in watching the show.  It really is an opportunity for parents to have a conversation about some critical issues that many of our young people face today.

This review by Common Sense Media of the Netflix Series may be helpful to parents and teachers.

Parents and teachers may also want to use this guide to important conversations to have with their teens who watch the series:

Additionally, the Georgia Department of Education has released information regarding this show in this week’s newsletter, which is also attached for your reference.

I want to be perfectly clear that I am not advocating that our students watch this show, but am sharing the existence of the show with you, as many of our students at Dodgen are already talking about it. The resources provided are to keep you abreast of what our students may already have already been exposed to or heard about. The resources included for recommendations and talking points are for information only should you be interested in them.