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Update on Events to take place 9-21


Update Regarding Security & Visitors to Dodgen 9-14-18


Dodgen Fundraiser for Electronic Sign 9-7-18


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Update on Events to take place 9-21




We are very excited about our upcoming Color Battle on Friday, September 21st, and wanted to share some information with you to make this a day to remember for our students:

  • All students will participate in the Color Battle during normal connections times.
  • All students will receive a white t-shirt on Friday morning for the stations and Color Battle (1 color pack for all and additional for those raised in the fundraiser)
  • All students are allowed to wear PE attire to school for the entire day. Sneakers are recommended. This is a messy event, so please be prepared. The color is colored cornstarch which should wash out easily, but we cannot guarantee this. Please have your child be mindful of choosing the best clothes and shoes to wear to school this day.
  • It is strongly encouraged that students bring a change of footwear and another T-shirt to wear after the color battle. We will provide gallon sized Ziploc bags to place the white t-shirt in after the Color Battle and plastic bags to place shoes in for the remainder of the day.
  • STEAM day activities: We will be doing school-wide STEAM activities on this day as well. Students will create solar paneled ovens to make smores in the back parking lot. We are working on a couple of other surprises as well.
  • We will run an alternate bell schedule for this day, and students will be eating lunch earlier to accommodate our activities.
  • We realize that we will have students checking out early on Friday. Please be mindful of our students moving through our parking lot onto and off of the front field throughout the day. We will have PTSA volunteers assisting in the parking lot to ensure the safety of all.


Dr. Hill 


Update Regarding Security & Visitors to Dodgen 9-14-18


September 14, 2018

Dear Parents,


As we continue to increase our emphasis and procedures to ensure the safety of our students, staff, and visitors, we have established new procedures to enter our facility beginning October 1, 2018. Please see the information below. This information can be found on our webpage, as well as a video to demonstrate the procedure.


Beginning after Fall Break, Dodgen will implement new procedures to enter our facility. When you need to enter into the building, beginning Monday, October 1, 2018 and thereafter, you will need to:

  • Push the buzzer as normal.
  • You will be asked your full name and the reason you need to enter the building, with the student’s name and/or staff member associated with your visit.

Ex: My name is Susan Jones and I’m here to drop off lunch for my 7th grader, Ben Jones

Ex: My name is Joe Dillon and I’m here for a scheduled meeting with 8th grade teachers regarding my son Noah.

Ex: My name is Tracy Lopez and I have a 2:00 appt with Dr. Hill

Ex: My name is Anne Jackson and I’m here to pick up my 6th grade daughter Julie for an appt.

  • To communicate with the front office personnel, you will need to speak clearly and directly into the speaker box.
  • You will be asked to place a picture ID in front of the camera for identification purposes. The camera is located directly above the buzzer, so you will need to remain standing in front of the buzzer/camera.

After our front office confirms the need for you to enter the building, you will be buzzed in. You then will check in at the front desk as you traditionally have done to conduct your business. If you have business that necessitates you staying in the building, you will receive a visitor’s pass. Upon leaving, you will be required to sign out at the front office.


This is a new process, which we know will take some time to become adjusted to. Please plan accordingly, as it may take a little longer when checking out your child, entering for a meeting, etc. As we typically have multiple people entering campus at the same time, you will need to form a line and wait patiently. You will be buzzed in one at a time.


Thank you for following our new procedures in an effort to increase our safety and security practices.



Dr. Hill


Dodgen Fundraiser for Electronic Sign 9-7-18


September 7, 2018



We are very excited about our Color Battle Fundraiser which starts on Monday, September 10th and will culminate with our Color Battle on Friday, September 21st. We are raising monies for an electronic sign for the front entrance of our campus which will allow us to communicate more information to our Dodgen Community much more efficiently and also increase family engagement.


Your child will attend a pep rally assembly on Monday, September 10th and will bring home a flyer with fundraiser details. At Dodgen, every student will receive a t-shirt to wear at the event and one pack of color for the Color Battle. All students will participate in the activities at stations on the front field prior to the Color Battle. Students who participate in the fundraising portion will earn additional color packets and be eligible for raffles for very cool prizes such as ipads, headphones, and even a mini-bike!


The Color Battle is going to be epic, and a day our students will long remember. We’ve got some additional surprises we’ll reveal during the 2 week event which will be lots of fun too! One event will be lunch time trivia for our students, which they will participate in using their cell phone. Yes, I said cell phone!


During this 2 week period, students will be allowed to get their cell phone, bring it to lunch, and use it for trivia purposes only. They will put it back into their backpack or locker at the end of their lunch period. This is an exception to our school policy regarding cell phone usage, solely for the purpose of our fundraiser. I have every expectation that our students will use their cell phones for this purpose only, and ask your assistance in reiterating the message to them our normal discipline consequences will result if they are used inappropriately at school. We will fully explain this in our pep rally on Monday and throughout the two week period, and would appreciate your help communicating this as well.


Each student will have an access code on their flyer which they will need to join the fundraiser. Lunch class teachers will have this code in the event it is lost, but we will ask students to take a picture of their code and write it in their agenda.


To also help us prepare for Monday, please help your child download the remind app on their phone. There will be messages and updates sent out regarding the fundraiser throughout the 2 week period they will want to receive.


Thanks for all of your assistance to make this a successful fundraiser for our electronic sign.



Dr. Hill  


Dodgen Happenings Update 9-2-18


September 2, 2018

Dear Parents,


It has been a great start to the 2018-19 school year. We have had a very busy August here at Dodgen! Some of the highlights include:

  • Open House Nights for each grade
  • Our very own Mr. Veeder was named Middle School Level Teacher Of The Year (TOTY) and then District TOTY!!! He will now compete for the State level TOTY.
  • Dodgen 101 for families to ease the transition to 6th grade and for our new students
  • Bus Driver Appreciation with notes from our students coordinated by our student leadership group (PAC)
  • A very successful Foundation Campaign in which we reached our fundraising goal. Thank you to our donors, The Foundation Executive Board, and our community for donations of great raffle prizes for our donors.
  • Our 8th Grade Chorus performing at SunTrust Park in which many families enjoyed a night at the ballpark
  • A successful start to our PTSA Speaker Series with an informative session on safety and security
  • Hill’s Huddle #1 “Where We’ve Been and Where We Are Headed”

We have recently added a new 6th Grade Reading Teacher and 6th grade students will start following their new schedules on Tuesday, September 4th.


We have scheduled our first Color Battle Fundraiser to run September 10th – September 21st to raise monies for an electronic sign at the front entrance to our campus. This will allow us to share much more information with you, our stakeholders, to keep you informed and to further engage our community. There are 13 schools within CCSD that have previously held this very successful event. There is typically a “buy-in” fundraising goal in order for student to participate. However, our event at Dodgen will allow ALL students an opportunity to participate, as this is extremely important to my core values. Students who do not participate in the fundraising aspect will receive a plain white t-shirt and one pack of color. All students will participate in the 6 stations included on the field. Students who participate in the fundraiser will earn various numbers of color packs based on their fundraising and will receive a white tshirt with a slogan. There are numerous incentives planned for the entire 2 week fundraising period. Much more information will be distributed, but I wanted you to be aware of the event, the purpose, and the date (which is the Friday before Fall Break).


Please save the date for the following events:

  • 6th Grade Dance/Social – Wednesday, Sept 12th
  • PTSA Speaker Series #2 – Student Organization on Thursday, Sept 13th
  • Color Battle Fundraiser – Friday, September 21st

I hope you and your families enjoy the long weekend with no school on Monday, September 3rd. I hope your weekend is filled with fun, rest, and family time!


See you on Tuesday!


Loralee Hill


Welcome Letter August 2018 


August 12, 2018


Dear Parents,


We have had an absolutely wonderful start to the 2018-19 school year. I’m so proud of our staff and students for several reasons. Our students (and staff) have adjusted to a new bell schedule, a new configuration in the cafeteria, have attended class meetings, and have been highly engaged in their classrooms. We have begun administering assessments to assess learning in many content areas.

I know there have been many concerns regarding our increased student enrollment. Thank you for your patience as we worked through the process of determining how many students will be in our building every day. One misconception that I want to clarify is that CCSD is an IE2 district, as of 2015, so we are not held by the State caps for class size. For the last two years, we have had class sizes of 34 and 35 in some of our classrooms.

Our numbers have decreased since the first day of school. We still have a large 6th grade class, and I received notification Thursday for an additional allotment. We have now started the process of making changes to our school-wide schedule to best utilize this allotment. Please continue to be patient, as this is another process which takes some time.

We held Dodgen 101 for 6th Grade students and parents, and those that are new to Dodgen in 7th and 8 th. We had a full house, with a short program for our parents and an opportunity for students to meet others in their grade. Students and parents were then reunited and could spend an hour in the building with several options for a self-guided tour, locker assistance or practice, help with Edmodo, walking the building to further familiarize their route, visit the learning commons, clinic, etc. We had many staff and student volunteers, and of course PTSA. This program was a 2015-16 initiative that continues to be very successful in easing the transition to Middle School. Thank you to everyone who participated, and to Janie Smalley, 6th Grade Lead Teacher, for her work coordinating this event.

Speaking of our PTSA, I want to congratulate Dodgen PTSA recently being recognized as a National PTA School of Excellence. This is a very prestigious honor and only 3 schools within CCSD received this designation. There is a very lengthy process associated with this, so thank you to all of those that worked on this endeavor. Thank you to each and every member of our PTSA for your continuous efforts to support our school. Your work to support student success and increase community involvement impact every aspect of the success of Dodgen Middle School. You make a difference EVERY day.

A huge congratulations to our very own Mr. Veeder, who was chosen as District Teacher of The Year. Mr. Veeder is the very best representative for Dodgen MS and for the entire district. He is a phenomenal teacher whose passion and his impact on students and colleagues throughout his career is beyond measure. We are absolutely thrilled he will serve in this capacity. He is a legend in our community, and we will rout him on as he competes for Teacher of The Year for the State of Georgia.

I also wanted to share with you some information about an upcoming school-wide fundraiser to raise monies for a new electronic sign at the front of our campus. We have so many great things to communicate to our community, with very little space available on our small sign that has seen better years. Please save the date of Friday, September 21st for our Color Battle Fundraiser. More information will be forthcoming with specific details, but as this is the Friday prior to September Break, I wanted to communicate the date to you for planning purposes.

Lastly, the Dodgen Foundation has been working very hard during our August Fundraiser. Thank you to all who have donated as we strive to reach our $50,000 goal. The Foundation supports initiatives that are not typically covered in a school budget. This year’s initiatives include teacher resources (including technology), professional learning, and support of STEAM goals. These initiatives benefit students in all grades, so please consider donating by August 31st if you haven’t already done so.


We have Open House scheduled for next week as follows:


Monday, August 13th – 8th Grade (5:30 Savannah Informational Meeting; 6:00 Open House)

Tuesday, August 14th – 7th Grade (5:30 General PTSA Meeting; 6:00 Open House)

Thursday, August 16th – 6th Grade (5:30 6th Grade Information; 6:00 Open House)


I look forward to seeing you there!



Dr. Hill