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Dodgen Parents,  

I want to bring to your attention information shared with us from Cobb County School District’s Prevention Intervention Department and their recommendation to share with our staff and parents solely to raise awareness:  

There are many movies, books, TV shows and music that capture social emotional trends among our youth.  One such show is the new Thirteen Reasons on Netflix.  You may have heard students talking about it already. The show is based on a best-selling young adult novel originally published in 2007.  The show follows a high school student who completes suicide and each episode deals with one of the thirteen reasons she makes the decision to take her life.  The show contains some very graphic scenes, including rape scenes and the girl actually committing suicide. The series is produced by Selena Gomez and rated MA for mature audiences. The show brings up several important adolescent social and emotional issues that impact young people today.

We encourage our staff and parents to be especially attentive to any student who may be impacted by the show. Also listen for any students who are talking about suicide or making statements such as “you are the 5th reason I am thinking about hurting myself.”

The district will also send some information to our parents to encourage them to be aware of this new series and be prepared to talk with their student if they are engaged in watching the show.  It really is an opportunity for parents to have a conversation about some critical issues that many of our young people face today.

This review by Common Sense Media of the Netflix Series may be helpful to parents and teachers.

Parents and teachers may also want to use this guide to important conversations to have with their teens who watch the series:

Additionally, the Georgia Department of Education has released information regarding this show in this week’s newsletter, which is also attached for your reference.

I want to be perfectly clear that I am not advocating that our students watch this show, but am sharing the existence of the show with you, as many of our students at Dodgen are already talking about it. The resources provided are to keep you abreast of what our students may already have already been exposed to or heard about. The resources included for recommendations and talking points are for information only should you be interested in them.

This has been quite a week! 

We wrapped up EOG Milestones Testing this week, and want to thank you for all of your support in sending our students well rested and ready to showcase all they have learned this year. Our teachers have worked diligently with our students, and our students took these tests very seriously. I’m proud of them for their commitment to Continuing Our Excellence, their behavior, and their flexibility in our schedules during testing week.

With Mother Nature throwing us a curveball with the weather on Thursday, we made adjustments to our Olympics schedule, and for the first time ever both our 7th and 8th grade student body participated in Olympic events at Walton on Friday morning. The weather was gorgeous, and our Connections Department did not miss a beat in rearranging our schedule to fit everything in. A huge thank you to Coach Daniel, the PE Dept, and all connections teachers for running our Olympics. Our students will carry the memories from these events with them for years to come.

Today, we recognized two very important people in our building who have a tremendous impact on our entire school community. Our 2016-2017 Classified Employee of the Year is our PPO Clerk, Mrs. Caballero. She does a phenomenal job serving our students, staff, and families. Our 2016-2017 Teacher of the Year is Mrs. Dennard, 8th Grade Mathematics Teacher and 8th Grade Lead. She is well loved by our students, colleagues, and community. Both of these individuals work tirelessly for the success of our students are wonderful representations of the best of the best here at Dodgen. Congratulations!

We have officially entered our wonderful Spring Concert Season, which was kicked off last night with our Band Ensemble Concert. Our talented students, and their respective Directors, have been working hard all year, so please come out to hear their performances in the first three weeks of May! You’ll be glad that you did!

Have a restful weekend Dodgen, as we’ve got a packed calendar of upcoming events through the rest of the year!

Dodgen Community,  

As we approach Spring Break, I wanted to thank our Dodgen Community for your support and kindness during the past two weeks. An informational letter was sent home earlier this week to keep you abreast of the number of students that have been sick since February Break, with recently higher numbers of influenza. We reacted swiftly and appropriately with sanitation efforts to prevent further spread of germs, and communicated to students the importance of washing hands with soap and water throughout the day.
Our focus this week has remained on the normal daily instructional goals and planned activities. Our teachers have worked with students who have missed work and continue to have high levels of communication with our families of those who have been sick. As always, we will work with our students to ensure high levels of student learning.
I want to thank you for providing feedback, for your patience and understanding this past week. You play an integral role in the success of our school and the success of our students.
I hope this spring break is one in which our students and families can rest, rejuvenate, and return to school on April 10th healthy and excited to finish out the 2016-2017 school year.

I hope our entire Dodgen Community has a safe and relaxing February Break. Once our students return, we have a packed calendar for the remainder of the year with many exciting opportunities.
In our first week back, we will have Engineering Lockheed Stem Night on March 2nd, our Chamber Orchestra will travel to Pittsburgh to perform in the National Festival, and Dr. Giles will host Hill’s Huddle on March 3rd.

Fast forwarding to the summer, Dodgen will be getting the long awaited NEW ROOF!!! This is a SPLOST IV project that will be completed over the summer. The project will commence as soon as our teachers leave after post planning, and our building will be closed until the week prior to pre-planning for the 2017-2018 school year. Consequently, many of the normal activities that we offer at Dodgen during the summer will not take place at Dodgen. Please keep this in mind as you make your summer plans. The bidding process will be held in March, Board approval takes place in April, and then more specific information as we work with the contractors will be shared during the month of May. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we have our new roof installed.

Enjoy your break!

Dr. Hill 

This has been a very difficult week at Dodgen MS as we  
mourn the loss of our beloved colleague, friend and Dodgen family member, Mary Barkley. The outpouring of generosity and thoughtfulness from our entire community has been so touching, and has made this difficult time much easier. I am so proud of our staff and students for working together under emotional duress. Mrs. Barkley impacted so many lives, and she left quite a legacy here at Dodgen. She will be missed beyond measure.

Thank you parents for helping your students through this during the past week, and for continuing to do so. Please know that we have resources at school to assist, and please do not hesitate to reach out or bring information to our attention.

Our community has been very supportive, and our PTSA has been phenomenal in caring for our staff. Thank you to all that have sent cards, letters, texts, brought food, and have pampered our school community. We have felt the love!

On Monday, January 23rd, we will begin the Barkley Community Fund Drive collection drive, with all proceeds given to the Barkley Family on March 3rd. Dodgen will be collecting funds for the family of Mary Barkley from staff and the community. The collection will run from Monday, January 23rd – March 2nd. All monies collected will be run through our school bookkeeper and presented to the family to use at their discretion on March 3rd.

If you would like to contribute to the Barkley Community Fund Drive, please send cash or a check payable to Dodgen Middle School, with Barkley Community Fund Drive written in the subject line. If you are a Dodgen parent, you can send in monies with your child in a white school payment envelope.

If mailing your contribution, please mail to:

Dodgen Middle School
1725 Bill Murdock Rd
Marietta, GA 30062
Attn: Barkley Community Fund Drive

Reading Celebration 11/2/16

We will have a breakfast program from 8:50 AM – 9:30 AM in the Learning Commons by invitation only. There will be approximately 100 students and staff members in attendance for this program, where we will be joined by representatives from Scholastic and First Lady Deal. The learning commons will be closed until 10:15 AM, and only those students who receive an invitation on Tuesday during homeroom will be allowed to enter. Our top 10 contributing students and our top 2 homeroom students will receive invitations.

We will have a photo opportunity for all 443 current students who participated in the Scholastic Summer Reading Program. Teachers will notify students involved in this activity on Tuesday, and the picture will be taken in the gym following the breakfast program.

Our celebration will conclude with a 20 minute school-wide Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) activity.

This event will be filmed by CobbEDtv, and notification will be sent out once the video is placed on the CCSD Website.

This is a tremendous accomplishment in which the entire community has contributed. Our students were very deliberate and diligent in their summer reading, and our staff and parents wholeheartedly supported this initiative. Thank you to all who played a part in this significant milestone!



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