SHARK TANK STEAM Fair - Dodgen Edition 


It's like a science fair, but for design!  Students will use the design cycle to solve a problem and present their solution to our judges.  
Students can view the informational meeting to learn more:  

Students can choose to have their project evaluated in the following categories:

  • Innovation/Forward Thinking
  • Design
  • Social/Human Behavior
  • Arts/Culinary
  • Entrepreneurial/Business Solution
  • Environmental Solution
  • Coding/Technology
  • Engineering/Mechanical
  • Earth/Life/Physical Sciences

For more information about the Shark Tank STEAM Fair, CLICK HERE


For the latest updates, join the STEAM Fair Edmodo group with code: iqayjv (corrected 2/6/18)




Grading rubric for STEAM fair entries: Dodgen_STEAM_Fair_Judging_Rubric.pdf


Family Coding and STEAM Night 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018


Come join us for a night of discovery!  

  • Join us on Pi Day, March 14 from 6-8pm for a family STEAM event.  We’ll have coding tutorials, presentations, family STEAM games, and the Shark Tank STEAM Fair Showcase.  All ages are welcome!  Come see what our students have designed for the Shark Tank STEAM Fair and attend a presentation on:

    • Art and Science and The Future of Storytelling:  The future of mobile entertaiment. Learn to create engaging entertainment experiences.
    • IoT: The Internet of Things:  Discover a recipe for building your own Internet Device.  What is IoT and how do we get the chickens more water without leaving the house?
    • How the Internet Works: Demonstration of how information travels acorss the Internet. The focus would be on the Internet and the security attacks that compromise it.




Thank you for logging 1409 Hours of Code during our Family Challenge!


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