Welcome to Dodgen Clinic

The Dodgen Clinic is here for you! Please help us help you and your student.  Discuss with your student that the clinic is here to see them if they are feeling ill.  A few ways you can help the clinic help you: 


    • Clinic Card
    • The clinic does not supply medications. Limited first aid is administered in accordance with Cobb County School District policy.
    • If a student becomes ill after arriving at school, he/she should go to the Clinic where a call will be made to his/her parent or guardian.
    • If your child needs prescription medication during the school day (one-time or daily), a parent must bring the medication to the clinic in the original pharmacy labeled container. 



 All prescription and over-the-counter medication must be brought in the original containers to the clinic by the parent/guardian with a completed medical form. Do not send medication in envelopes, unmarked containers, wrapped in aluminum foil, etc.

Dosage instructions must be on the original bottle of the medication. Under no circumstances will medication be furnished by school personnel. 


      •  Parents must complete an AUTHORIZATION TO GIVE MEDICATION AT SCHOOL for each medication given. This form is used for all prescription medicine, cough and cold medicine (except lozenges), antihistamines, and over-the-counter medication.
      • All medication must be in the original, labeled container.
      • Medications must be brought to the school office/clinic by parents.
      • Parents must inform the school of any medication changes. New medication or different doses will not be given unless the parent completes a new medication form. The information on the prescription bottle label must match the new consent form.
      • Over-the-counter medication may be given with parent/guardian permission as needed throughout the school year. A health care provider’s note is required for over-the-counter medication that is given for more than 10 consecutive school days. 


 Middle and high school students (grades 6-12) may carry certain over-the-counter medications: Tylenol, acetaminophen, Motrin, Advil, ibuprofen, Midol, aspirin and antacid. Students at all levels may carry cough and throat lozenges. The student and parent will be responsible for the following:

      • Obtaining, reading and signing this written permission form: OVER-THE-COUNTER MEDICATION before the student is allowed to carry the medication.
      • The medication must be in its original container and legibly labeled with the student's full name.
      • The student is not permitted to give their medication to other students.
      • The licensed school nurse has a copy of this signed permission form on file in the clinic and the student carries a copy of the signed form with the medication.


Click here to access the Cobb County Health Packets which contain emergency plans that need to be completed by your child's physician.

      • These individual care plans that can be found at"My Student Has..."  
      • Medications & rescue medications are stored in the clinic
      • All forms must be completed and on file in the clinic

For Students to be allowed to carry their Epipen, insulin or asthma inhaler at school

      • A completed “Authorization to Carry Prescription Medication” Form will also need to be on file in the clinic.
      • They must carry health care provider’s signature indicating that your child has been instructed on the proper use of their inhaler/ Epipen and that your child is responsible for administering it to himself/herself without supervision.
      • Please provide a prescription of the rescue drug. It includes the child’s name, how often it is to be used and what dose is appropriate for your child. It is difficult to keep the label directly on the rescue drug itself. You can write your child’s name on the inhaler/Epipen and bring the labeled prescription box to the clinic.

More information & forms can be found on the Cobb County Schools website: http://www.cobbk12.org/centraloffice/studentsupport/schoolhealth/ and http://www.cobbk12.org/centraloffice/studentsupport/schoolhealth/childhas.aspx

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