Indirect Fundraising

Box Tops for Education

When you purchase any General Mills products–cereals, frozen foods, meals, snacks – look for the official “Box Top$ for Education” markings on the product. Each coupon is worth 10 cents to Dodgen's PTSA.


Box tops is phasing out the physical box tops you have been clipping and sending in to Dodgen. You can still send in box tops you have at home or that you find on products. Please take a look around and send in what you have before the clipping program ends.
New to Box Tops...
No more clipping, no more sending Box Tops to school. All you need is your phone. Download the Box Tops app, shop as you normally would, then snap a picture of your store receipt within 14 days of purchase to find participating products and your earnings. It is very easy to scan once you have the app, and you can track all the money Dodgen earns from the Box Tops program throughout the school year!


The average household purchases more than 100 Box Tops products each year, which could add up to over $7,500 in earnings for our school – just from clipping. We can also earn money through the Box Tops Marketplace.

Visit to learn more how you can contribute to Dodgen PTSA just by purchasing everyday grocery and household products.



Publix Partners

Publix logo

Publix is moving away from keyring shopper cards and instead using phone numbers when you check out to track money donated through Publix Partners. Go to and login to your Publix account that you use for online coupons or create a new Publix account. Under My Settings tab, make sure your phone number is linked to your account, then find My Publix Partner and Select a School. Search for Dodgen Middle School.




Throughout the school year, Dodgen co-hosts spirit nights with local restaurants and entertainment facilities.  Dodgen families get to spend some time together and/or enjoy the products of our local businesses, and the Dodgen community will receive a portion of the proceeds collected during that event.  See our home page for upcoming events!