What if My Child ...



…Is going to be checked out early?
You must send in a signed note that day. List the time your child will be picked up and the reason for leaving early. Include student’s name, grade, and homeroom teacher. Your student must bring the signed note to the office before first period. He/She will be given a pass and will come to the office at the designated dismissal time.

*If a situation arises where you cannot send a note in the morning, please call the front office (770-578-2726) no later than 3:45pm.*


…Arrives late to school?
Any child arriving late to school will need one of 3 things:
  1. An excuse from a Doctor or Dentist if late due to an appointment.
  2. A note from a parent/guardian stating the reason the student is tardy.
  3. A parent/guardian to sign them into school.

*Please try to arrive late/check out early as close to class change times as possible to avoid interruption of instructional time. (See the Dodgen Bell Schedule)*


…Is going to ride home on a different bus with a friend?
You MUST fill out and sign the Cobb County Bus Pass and send it in with your child that day. (You will need to include YOUR bus # and the FRIEND’s bus #). Your student must bring the signed form to the office in the morning before first period to get it authorized. No bus passes can be given from phone notification; written notice with Cobb County pass is REQUIRED. Some bus routes may be full. Please check with the front office to confirm that your student’s bus route has available space.

*To download and print Bus Pass, go to:


…Needs to be picked up in carpool/ride bus (dismissal change)?
The school does not require written notification to change your child to/from car or bus. Simply inform your child how he/she needs to go home that day. If a situation arises and you need to change the way your child will go home, please call the front office (by 3:45pm). A front office volunteer will deliver the message to your child between classes.

*To ensure the safety of all students, early dismissal and carpool/bus changes must be received by 3:45 pm.*


…Is absent from school?
Students are given one day per each day of absence to make up any missed assignments. Teacher blogs contain homework assignments and a teacher email address for questions. After 3 days of absence a request can be made for missed work by calling the front office.

*Upon returning to school, student MUST bring a signed note stating the dates of and reason for their absence.*


…Forgets an item at home?
To preserve class instruction time, deliveries made to students are limited to class change times (see Bell Schedule). Deliveries are made as time allows and cannot be guaranteed for specific times. For this reason, students are encouraged to check the front office between classes to pick up any delivered items. All items delivered must include the student’s name, grade, and homeroom teacher.






All notes to the office should include:

  1. The Date
  2. Student’s First and Last name
  3. Student’s Homeroom Teacher
  4. Parent’s Signature