Pope H.S. Feeder Communications  


1) 8th Grade Parent appointments with Pope HS Counselors

On March 15th and March 16th, Pope HS Counselors will be available for individual phone appointments with Dodgen/HTMS parents for specific registration questions. These sessions are not mandatory, but are available if you have questions that were not covered at the 8th Grade Parent Curriculum Meeting held on Monday, February 5, 2018. 


These are 15 minute PHONE appointments. You will need to provide a phone number on SignUpGenius where you can be reached during your appointment time.

Counselors are assigned based on student last name; please make an appointment with your child's assigned counselor using the SignUpGenius links below:


2) Rising Pope HS students and parents:

Students and parents will have access to viewing core placements for the 2018-2019 school year.  You can access course recommendations by selecting the course request tab in your ParentVue/StudentVue account. Student elective registration begins Monday, March 22nd, 2018.


3) Electives registration for rising Pope students:  


A sample elective registration sheet is attached. Please discuss with your student the electives for which he/she should register. Pope administration will be at Dodgen on Thursday, March 22, to help students register online for their elective classes. Students will also complete an official electives registration sheet in  homeroom.


Please review your student’s core recommended classes for next year. Waivers to change the level of a class will be available after spring break and due by April 27. You may pick the waiver form up in the Dodgen Counseling Office or the Dodgen Front Office after Spring Break. Please return them to the Dodgen Counseling office by April 27.

Also, please have a discussion with your student regarding elective choices. On their elective registration form, students will choose in rank order, 5 electives. A number “1” will be their very first choice for an elective. Number 2 will be the second choice for an elective, and so on. Consider that your student may end up with any of the 5 choices he/she selects and will be committed to those electives.

Think carefully about what you choose!


Many other registration questions are answered in the Pope Registration FAQ HERE.