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 Friday, May 19th ~ 7-9 pm ~ Cafeteria

Tickets: $16 

Purchase tickets via the Dodgen Toolkit portal

The ticket price includes:

  1. Entertainment by VIBE Entertainment
  2. Food & drink
  3. Green Screen Photos
  4. Commemorative t-shirt
    • Get yours early before your t-shirt size is gone
    • Limited number of each size!



School Dress Code applies.

Please direct any questions to Stephanie Patel.


Students who are staying for the dance will be expected to remain at the dance, until dismissal at 9:00, unless they bring a note and turn it into the front office, on Tuesday, May 16, 2017. Students who meet this criteria and are dismissed early, will exit via the bus portal in back of the school and should be picked up in that area.

Drop off

  •  Rear of the school at the bus portal.
  • Rows of cones will designate several lines allowing quicker drop-off.
  • PLEASE watch for students crossing!
  • There is no parking in the rear bus lots.
  • For parent volunteers working at the dance, you may park in the front lot and escort students inside via the front doors.

Dance Reminders

  • Please do not expect to take pictures at the school. There will be a photo booth at the dance.
  • Students will not be allowed to have cellphones out at the dance. We understand students may use cellphones to call you for location during pick-up.
  • School dress code rules will be enforced at the dance.
  • Please plan for shoes to stay on.


 Pick up after Dance

  • A map for dance pick-up is posted on the Dodgen website.
  • Traffic will be one-way.
  • Exiting traffic will divide into two lanes; the left lane will be left turn only and the right lane right turn only, onto Bill Murdock road.